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Nanotechnology Coin (NTC) – A Coin With A Specific Functionality.

The Solution That We Have Developed To Minimize The Risks, Both For The Platform Itself And Its Users.


Privileged Terms For Platform Users When Depositing NTC To Receive Borrower Membership

- Privileged Terms For Platform Users When Depositing NTC To Receive Borrower Membership. Up to 60% discount on the platform fees for Borrower Membership. When using the discount from the user’s balance, the equivalent of 50% of the discount in USD is charged in NTC Coins. The opportunity to become a lender when depositing NTC for Lender Membership

An Introduction to Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is defined as the study and use of structures between 1 nanometer and 100 nanometers in size. To give you an idea of how small that is, it would take eight hundred 100 nanometer particles side by side to match the width of a human hair.

Looking At Nanoparticles

Scientists have been studying and working with nanoparticles for centuries, but the effectiveness of their work has been hampered by their inability to see the structure of nanoparticles. In recent decades the development of microscopes capable of displaying particles as small as atoms has allowed scientists to see what they are working with.

Introduction to Nanotechnology Applications

The ability to see nano-sized materials has opened up a world of possibilities in a variety of industries and scientific endeavors. Because nanotechnology is essentially a set of techniques that allow manipulation of properties at a very small scale, it can have many applications.

The Nanotechnology Debate

There are many different points of view about the nanotechnology. These differences start with the definition of nanotechnology. Some define it as any activity that involves manipulating materials between one nanometer and 100 nanometers. However the original definition of nanotechnology involved building machines at the molecular scale and involves the manipulation of materials on an atomic (about two-tenths of a nanometer) scale.

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Min 0.01 ETH = 20,000 NTC

0.1 ETH = 200,000 NTC + 10% Bonus

1 ETH = 2,000,000 NTC + 20% Bonus

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1 ETH = 2,000,000 NTC

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0.01 ETH

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- 02.2019: Set up community and website.Set up Contract Source Code. Obtain institutional investment.

- 03.2019: Set up smart contract. Token sale started. Airdrop started.

- 08.2019: End token sale.Update Website, Pay Fee List First Exchange.

- 06.2019: Update Roadmap ,Wedsite And more info.

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- 09.2019: List first exchange

+ Launching a private wallet application on the smart phone

- 11.2019 : List second Exchange

+ Listed CoinmarketCap

+ Build a solid foundation.

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